1963 Kirk catalog and price list  Hollow ware


When The Stieff Company bought S. Kirk & Son in 1979 the papers and documents of the company came with the purchase. This 1963 KIRK catalog came from the desk of the President of Kirk. The cover has the hand written date 2/1/63, the date that the price list went into effect.

This catalog is an interesting read for me as it shows the difference in the two companies in the early 1960s by what products are still being produced or are available by special order.  Kirk lacked the extra “Brand Name” items like Williamsburg that Stieff was making.

This catalog provided courtesy of the Stieff family.


These are the “MAD MEN” days of the early 1960’s. Gone were the big elaborate dinners and in were the cocktail parties with lighter foods, cigarettes and plenty of alcohol. The Kirk catalog certainly plays up the new casual theme of entertaining.



A service plate is what we would today call a “Charger”. It held the space for the dinner plate in your china pattern. The china plate would be placed on the service plate for the salad course, fish course or any others that proceeded the entree course. The service plate would be removed with the dinner course plate.

More pages of the S. Kirk & Son  1963 Hollow Ware Catalog

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