1963 Kirk Hollow Ware Catalog   pages 15-price list

Water Kettles and Tea Services were really on the wane at this period. These tea services were all special order at this time, requiring a few weeks for delivery.  Let me note here that KETTLES are not for holding tea or coffee. These are water kettles with a small burner under them. The were for keeping water hot. One of two processes would be practiced to serve the tea.  1. Hot water would be poured through a tea strainer into the cup creating a weak tea.  Tea balls could also be used when close friends were around... each person letting the tea reach the persons desired level of potency.  Method 2, The tea pot would contain a very strong brewed tea. When poured... the hostess could add hot water to dilute the tea to the desired strength of the person being served.


You will notice that the entire catalog has binder holes on the side. Like Stieff catalogs of the period, this allowed Kirk dealers to have a bound copy to show to customers. These were not designed to be taken home with customers.

This is the inside back page of the 1963 catalog. The back cover is white with no images or writing

and is not shown here.