Wood handles

And other wooden items


In the 1980’s Wood Handles for Kirk Stieff products were produced by Precision Woodcrafts.  Peter Bowman of Precision Woodcrafts has kindly provided these working drawings of the products that they made for Kirk Stieff.

If your Stieff/Kirk Stieff item has a broken handle, Precision Woodcrafts can still make a new handle for you today by contacting  info@precisionhills.com

Colonial Williamsburg CW-86 Coffee Pot

Note the changes made here on the angle of the bottom of the handle. Test pieces did not fit the

pot correctly... and notations are made for the correction.

Corrected handle

Note that this is during the LENOX period as these are dated 1992

1983  P-1 Coffee Pot Handle


7-13-81  P-2 & P-3 Sugar & Creamer

Colonial Williamsburg

CW-180 Teapot (28 oz) 1985

In the 1970’s and 1980’s Stieff made pieces for the Smithsonian and other Museums and Precision Woodcraft made the wood parts for those pieces as well.

More wood pieces made for STIEFF  and  KIRK STIEFF by Precision Woodcrafts can be found at:

Wood workings by Precision Woodcraft