Schofield Price list



While this piece is undated, we do know that Schofield stopped using the Herr-Schofield name in 1928, so this piece is 1928 or later. The name The Schofield Company was started in 1930, but was often printed as Schofield Company.

I really do not know much about this pattern. Silver books show it to be a 1927 pattern. The Schofield 1929 catalog does not show it as an active pattern. The prices shown in this booklet are slightly less than comparable patterns on the

last page of the 1929 book.

This whole price list does seem a bit clunky and sloppy. This is a used copy, and someone generations ago wrote pricing notes on the price of half dozens and other numbers inside. The imprint of the writing does show through onto other pages.

This copy was sent to be by a gentleman on ebay who was selling a set of Schofield Martha Washington silver. I saw the price book and requested if he could scan it for me. He did, and here is it to share with all of you.

This page is oddly blank, with the comment about the knives at the bottom. I assume that there was a photo or something that was supposed to be added later. Note the staple marks at the top. Was something stapled in before?

The staple marks are on the preceding page too. Was it a mis-staple and they got two pages at once?


Someone was totaling up an order for half dozens.

See the set at the bottom of the listing.

OOPS! A printing error with 825/1000 under the marked out section

and re-stamped with 925/1000


This is the actual set of silver that was ordered using the price list shown here. You will see it in the photo, turned to the page featuring the Martha Washington pattern.

Look back at the list and you will see where they checked off the pieces that they wanted to order, and notations of the prices when ordering half dozens.