Schofield 1927

Martha Washington


Martha Washington

The small brochure accompanying this set reads as follows:

"The very essence of the Early American spirit is reflected in Schofield's hand engraved Martha Washington pattern.  The inspiration for this pattern was taken from an old tea spoon in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts; a tea spoon which was made by Joseph Loring (1743-1815) of Boston, who served in the Revolutionary War as a Lieutenant.  Each piece in this set reflects the dignity, charm and rare simplicity of this lovely traditional style.  The Martha Washington is a pattern you would be proud to hand down to future generations."

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The Martha Washington pattern was inspired by a spoon by Joseph Loring (1743-1815)

Here are spoons in the collection of the

Boston Museum of Fine Arts by Joseph Loring.

Perhaps you can see where the inspiration came from