Schofield Chalice work


Here are examples of several Chalices made by Schofield in the 1930’s and 1940s. Note that each is similar, but different from the rest of the works. Notations are made where information is available. If you have information on other pieces of church silver made by Schofield, please contact me.

I was sent these photos by a man in michigan that was doing restoration work on the chalice below.

This chalice came with it’s original box and paten.

View of the paten

"Schofield 353 Baltimore"  "Sterling 1000 Fine" "THEOTOKAS" next to the above word is a symbol; the letter "M" with a cross starting out of the center -V- portion of the letter "M".

Schofield & Co. sterling silver chalice with gold wash and with grape and vine motif, cross with three applied jewels, presentation inscription on base dating to March 22, 1946, given to Reverend Charles B. Monmonier from his parents, marked on base "Schofield Co. 456 Baltimore."

Scholfield Co Baltimore, hallmarked, 6" paten, 9 1/8" tall cup, marked

Edmund Patrick Healy ordained priest 1933.

Views of the paten

(above comments from an auction catalog, the 800-1200 was the auction estimate. I do not know what the piece sold for)


9-1/2" High

The following is inscribed on the bottom:

"Eucharistic Saviour, Have Mercy on the Souls of Annie Noel Echenrode, John Joseph Echenrode"

The hallmark here is 1930 or later